Half-Sized (A5/Memo) Emergent Task Planner Available

Half-Sized (A5/Memo) Emergent Task Planner Available

Mini ETP With the help of the testers in my super-secret A5 Testing Lounge, I’ve created a set of smaller-sized Emergent Task Planner sheets in both A5 and US Memo (aka “half letter”, which is a piece of US Letter folded in half). Because everyone had different needs, I ended up making three variations of it; in total, there are 36 different forms.

You can visit the new Mini ETP Page to check out the free variations in black&white.

If you find a design you like and have ten bucks to spare, you can purchase an “expansion pack” that has the additional ten PDFs of each version (a dollar per PDF!) You’ll get:

  • All Color and Monochrome versions
  • All A5 and US Memo (half letter) sizes
  • 2-UP versions (for printing 2 forms per page)
  • 2-UP duplex versions (for printing 2 forms per page, double-sided), for making your own notebook.

UPDATE: I’ve made one of the expansion packs (the 3T3, which is the middle one in the above picture) free so you can see what’s in a pack. I think it’s pretty cool :)

There are two additional expansion packs for the variations. I’m selling them on my digital store; you will see them on the Mini-ETP page.

If you have an idea for another variation, feel free to post a comment and we’ll see what I can do. The half-size format was quite challenging to work with because of the lack of space. We’ll be trying to do an even smaller quarter-size version (!), which will end up probably being a different kind of form altogether. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.


» Go to Mini ETP Page
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  1. Jim 59 9 years ago

    So the three variations are all the same variation on the download page. No matter which US form you choose to download, you get PCEO-ETP03-0T7-USMINI.pdf. Same with the images.

    That doesn’t seem right, nor a good way to convince me to spend $10 on a download.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Hey Jim:

    You’re right: the images were all showing up as the same thing. I’ve corrected the problem. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Ian Craigen 9 years ago

    Was great fun working with you in creating these. Good to see you got them out.

  4. Jaclyn Cribley 9 years ago

    I love these! Just what I wanted since I ordered my first pad a few years ago! And now . . . .i need and iPad app ;)

    Thanks very much!

  5. Noel 9 years ago


    The biggest thing for me is still that I work in 60 minutes blocks – work for 48, rest for 12; I just don’t do 15 minutes.