Day 7: ETP Journal Step 4 – A5 Printed Journal Kickoff

ETP Print A5 Today’s product-of-the-day (or POD, as I’ve been calling them), predictably, is related to the Mini Emergent Task Planner. It’s the print-ready design for my long-desired A5 Printed Journal. This POD isn’t intended for end-users like us, however: I packaged it up with my notes (see screenshot above) and sent it to my local full-service printer, Papergraphics in Merrimack, NH. They’re a short drive away, and have been very helpful in starting up the print side of my design work. It’s awesome to put the money into the local economy, too.

Print CheckI’d started the conversation with them about these notebooks before the November 2012 election, but then I got caught up with the holidays. After they get a chance to look over my files, I’ll see if I can schedule a meeting with them to go over some options. The nice thing about having your local full-service printer is that they KNOW ABOUT THINGS that I’ve never heard of, and can suggest alternatives that save money or are MORE AWESOME.

I just sent the email to Frank, the guy in charge at Papergraphics. Just need to hear back. Total production time: about an hour to tweak the design and measure safe areas, another hour to take photos for Frank and make a package that he can hopefully look at on his computer and check, and about 30 minutes to prep today’s post.

So there’s no download for today; we’ll have to wait to see what Frank says.

Groundhog Day Resolution Posts for 2014

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