Day 8: A Year Full of Sundays

A calendar with weekends highlighted For today’s POD I thought I would take a break from the Emergent Task Planner and do something different. Reader “Steve” sent me a cool planning calendar he had made in Excel. It’s designed to print very large so you have room to write, and aligned all the weekdays of each month into columns. I thought it looked cool, and Steve said it was OK for me to make something based on it; he’d seen the format elsewhere himself many years ago:

Steve's Big Planning CalendarI suspect Steve’s calendar (shown right) is far more useful than today’s 90-minute experiment, the Year of Sundays Calendar. I hadn’t realized how large Steve’s calendar actually was when looking at the PDF on my screen, and so I tried to fit it on a normal sheet of paper. Rather than use rectangles, which felt constraining on the small page, I wondered if I could instead use markers for the days themselves as anchors, and people could write AROUND them. Even with that, there wasn’t a lot of space, so I thought maybe I could just highlight the weekends and fade-out the weekdays enough so you could write over them as notespace. I thought that was kind of funny, so I went with it.

Useful? Maybe for planning weekend fishing trips. Or maybe the psychological fliperoo of focusing on the weekends and other highlighted time-off is a boost. I’m putting this out there just to see what happens, a lesson I learned from the occasional feedback I get from users of the Compact Calendar. One of the most unexpected uses I’ve heard of was a doctor that used it as a gestation calendar, since it was easy to count the weeks. Maybe this will spark an idea and someone will leave a comment that changes all our lives for the better.

» Download Sunday Calendar
» Download Sunday Calendar w/ more space

UPDATE: Thanks to CK for pointing out that November had 31 days. It has been corrected.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for printing. The built-in "Mac OS X Preview" and "Chrome Browser" PDF viewers do not always draw dotted lines correctly.


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