Day 6: ETP Journal Step 3 – Digital Downloads!

Day 6: ETP Journal Step 3 – Digital Downloads!

ETP Journal Color Templates Today’s product continues from Monday’s work, creating all the variations for a new “2013 Mini-ETP 7 Task” digital download to sell. In addition to making the color versions, I made the 2-up double-sided and single versions as well, both dated and blank, for a total of 24 templates. Then, I had to make new images for Gumroad and write descriptions, not to mention creating some new landing pages for copyright information and other goodies.

Although my inclination is to want to give everything away—blame my missionary upbringing—I’m now offering the new color designs and templates as two US$7.00 packages: a US package for US-based users, and an A5 package for people outside the United States who use the ISO paper size standard. You may continue to use the black-and-white versions uploaded on day 4 and day 5 for free.

» USA: 2013 Mini ETP 7-Task Daily Planner (US) (GumRoad link)

» International: 2013 Mini ETP 7-Task Daily Planner (A5) (GumRoad Link)

Please note: the A5 version is slightly wider than the US version, but has 30 minutes less time at the end of the day.

Production notes: It took 45 minutes to make the color version. I have to adjust line widths, spacing, and font weights for the color version so they’re thicker. Tedious, but necessary to get the best result on a monochrome laser printer (which can draw finer lines but doesn’t handle tone well) and an inkjet (slightly blurrier output, so thicker ilnes are advised, and background fill can be more aggressive). Packaging took FAR LONGER: another 6 hours to make all the digital variations, create zip archives, make the listing images and listings, then create the post and supporting graphics. I’m tired. Whew.


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I am challenging myself to create a new product every day for the month of February 2013. The Challenge Page lists all the products in one place. Check it out!


  1. Federico Figueredo 11 years ago

    These look very good Dave. I need to make sure to check the previous articles since, as always, I’m very interested in your design process.

    Speaking of which, do you still run the website for that faux design agency (at least I think it wasn’t a real one)? I’ve completely misplaced the links and I’d be a happy Panda to have it again.

    Thanks much and have a great day.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Federico: Thanks! Yes, I still have the “faux agency” blog, though it’s been dormant recently. You can access it from the subjournal menus under “Agenceum”.

  3. dave garbutt 11 years ago

    could you do a5 undersized version I could paste into my whitelines link notebook? Maybe that would not make sense.

    Well it is an idea at lest ;-)

  4. Rob (EOD Oswald) 11 years ago

    Dave, I’m totally digging this. I’m stuck with MS Office (Publisher) to gin up my own local copies–you were using . . . Photoshop?

  5. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Dave: how much smaller would it have to be? You could trim the pages down a bit more I suppose, if you have a good paper cutter.

    Rob: I’m using Adobe Illustrator, a vector design program. You could always just buy the download and save yourself some time, unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to “gin up”!