Day 4: ETP Journal Step 1 – US Mini B&W

Day 4: ETP Journal Step 1 – US Mini B&W

ETP Journal BW US Letter 2UP I started work on an update to the half-size Emergent Task Planner, concentrating first on the black-and-white laserprinter version for US Letter. The template is a 2-UP PDF (meaning that there are two pages per printout), which is helpful if you’re making a bound version of a double-sided journal. Production time: 2.5 hours to adapt the old design available as a multi-pack to have the cosmetic features of the 365 Day Almanac version.

Instead of making all the versions at once, I’m going to spread the production out over the week. Next up will be the A4 version, and after that I’ll probably make the color versions. I can also start the conversation with my printer about producing high-quality bound versions of these for sale on Amazon.

While I don’t think I’ll be releasing them all as free versions, I will provided the B&W laserprinter version for US and A4 sizes so people can try them out. Color versions and special variations will be available as digital downloads on Gumroad.

I’m pretty pleased with this refinement over the older version. And, this is a good time to solicit some feedback before moving ahead with print production. If you leave a comment or send me an email with feedback/requests, I’ll send you a free ETP Mini PDF package when it’s all done!

In the meantime:

» Download Mini ETP Template (2UP on US Letter)
European users: I’ll post the A4 version tomorrow…thanks for your patience!

Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for printing. The built-in "Mac OS X Preview" and "Chrome Browser" PDF viewers do not always draw dotted lines correctly.

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