A Desktop Wallpaper for Colleen’s “50 for 50” Fundraiser

Fellow explorer-writer-layabout Colleen Wainwright, AKA The Communicatrix, asked if I’d like to contribute a wallpaper design for her latest give-till-it’s-awesome brainstorm 50 for 50. It’s a fundraiser to raise $50,000 in 50 days for LA-based non-profit WriteGirl by Colleen’s 50th birthday. WriteGirl mentors teen girls in self-expression and writing, which I think is a fine thing to support. Colleen is even planning to shave her head if the target is met.

Final Version You can visit Colleen’s site to see my wallpaper design, and if you’re REALLY curious about how it came about, you can visit my newly-opened DesignThink process blog. Enjoy!

Head over to IndieGoGo to donate something to the girls. There are a lot of great rewards available.