2011-0809 Tuesday

Up at 500AM! Or rather, I don’t think I slept well, if at all, and just got out of bed at 5AM. I’m wondering why I’m not sleeping well. I stayed up later than usual, to about midnight, but after that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned, though I quieted my mind and tried to just lay still. This seemed to work as a kind of rest, but it wasn’t really sleep. I’m feeling a sharp tension in my shoulders and my eyes and at the sides of my temples. I’m certainly not 100%.

So why couldn’t I sleep? Should I have taken melatonin? I haven’t wanted to get hooked on the stuff. I mentally reviewed what I’d done for the previous few days, and realized that one thing that was different was that I’d mostly stayed indoors. Even when I was at Starbucks bathed in light, it was all filtered by glass. Is it possible that sleeplessness is caused by a vitamin D deficiency? On the days I slept well, I think I spent at least a few minutes outside. Maybe there’s a minimum amount of exposure to daylight that’s needed to set the waking pattern so the sleeping pattern can exist. A quick google reveals nothing about this, but I can give it a try. Sitting outside for 15 minutes and reading a book might work. Although I am already exhausted.

Anyway, I got to Starbucks at 6AM, and was working by 630AM. I did about two hours of billable work before 830AM, so I am feeling like the rest of the day if pretty stress free. I think I will go home, though, and take a short nap.

0900 to 1100: NAP

I’m up now and am making lunch. Feeling very low blood sugar, listlessness, difficulty focusing, but there is no pressure in my head. The feeling is like I’m “mentally under-inflated”. I rousted myself up by figuring I’d spend 15 minutes seeing if writing the desktop wallpaper post would take as long as I thought. About 45 minutes have elapsed since then, and I haven’t started it yet. I’m monitoring two somewhat ancient hamburger (?) patties I found in the freezer. Time to go grocery shopping! Also checked Facebook to see if anyone was up to anything nearby, as I’m feeling a bit social. Then again, it’s only 1145AM. It feels like it’s 3 or 4PM to me, since I’ve been up already for several hours. Cool!

1200 finished eating lunch, a double-decker “meat patty” sandwich between the last dregs of a loaf of oatmeal bread, with some mayonnaise and ketchup. Does the job. Going to run errands, and then visit a different coffee shop just to shake things up.

BONUS: Got an extra check in the mail! Stopped by the bank to deposit it.

1300 just got a “Cup o’ Love” dark chocolate mocha espresso. Mmm. Now…let me see if I can get my butt moving on the article.

1600 Three hours later, and the write-up is done. Again, just getting started on something brings its own momentum. Heading to the studio to chat with Sid.

1715 Left the studio, after agreeing to have dinner with a friend who’s visiting from out of town. Hung out and caught up to 2030.

2030 Start winding down for the day. Do a load of laundry. Conked out at 2230.