2011 Resource/Time Tracker Updates

2011 Resource/Time Tracker Updates

"RTT Updates" The Resource/Time Trackers, AKA Resource Scheduler and Task Quantizer, are designed to track multiple projects using a clipboard.

After my initial tests, I thought it was too cumbersome for my own needs, but a few die-hard project managers out there still use it. The latest request was a couple weeks ago, so I’ve shamed myself into updating it for 2011 (and subsequent years).

New in 2011

As with the rest of the Printable CEO (PCEO) series in 2011, I’ve made several standard changes:

  • I’ve dropped the year from the forms; while I like the way it looks, it makes the form updates every year rather tedious. With dozens and dozens of forms now in the library, it just got to be too much.
  • I’ve replaced Helvetica Neue with the Dave Seah Official Licensed Font Proxima Nova Condensed.


p>As a bonus, I’ve added editable fields to the Resource Task Quantizer; for those of you who just use it for project definition, that might be a useful feature. Let me know!

I’ve also made some cosmetic updates and text changes. I can imagine revisiting this form later to streamline some of the concepts on the Resource Scheduler. There are some very pleasing workflow aspects to this form design.

Before and After

Quantizer Changes to the Task Quantizer.

SchedulerChanges to the Resource Scheduler.

Download the 2011 Emergent Task Planner Forms

» Visit the RTT Home Page to download the latest form versions.



  1. Brian 13 years ago

    Thanks, Dave — this is super exciting for me!

  2. Mark 13 years ago

    Still an RTT user – don’t kill them yet! One thing I find myself doing with the Task Quantizer is making a checkbox-square down the left-hand-side next to the task id (like TPT’s right-hand side ‘Done’ box) so I have a visually easy way to scan for stuff I still need to do. If there are updates to the RTT Quantizer next year, can I throw that into the bucket of changes for consideration? Thanks for keeping these forms going. They’re wonderful.