2011-0827 Saturday – Sunday

2011-0827 Saturday – Sunday

SUMMARY: The highlight of the weekend was an eating experiment to see if I could carbo-bomb my system into sleeping.


Woke up quite late, at 1030AM. Didn’t really get going until 11AM. Wandered around the house, surfed the internet, etc, until around 1PM, then I went out to do grocery shopping.

From 3PM to now 530PM, I played STO and caught up with some fleet peeps, and then started cooking dinner. All day I have also been eating rolls of “Smarties” candy, to see if I could induce a sugar-related crash. The trick to avoiding it was to keep my mind engaged in what I was doing and not stop. I realized there are two kinds of mind focus I can apply to tasks:

  • Have a good attitude toward it and be engaged
  • Have NO attitude toward it, and be disengaged but moving

The graduating test is to make some Campbell’s mushroom soup, too which I’ve added some sausage, and some biscuits-in-a-can. I’m planning to make a rough simulation of biscuits and gravy. In the past, this would have knocked me right out. The test will be to eat this concoction, and then do some work that I don’t particularly want to do, but needs to be done. If I can maintain either a good attitude, no attitude, AND start the work and get something done within an hour of eating, then I might be onto something.

I’ll tell ya, right now I’m tempted to go to sleep because I don’t really want to do this upcoming work. Actually, part of me is interested, but part of me can think of other things to do. If I can short circuit my body’s attempts to get me to sit on the couch or fall asleep, that will be a major victory.

I ate ALL the biscuits and ALL the soup, and drank ice tea. I kept my mind actively engaged, and sleepiness did not intrude for two hours. The moment I sat on my couch, though, I felt a wave of sleepiness course through me.


HURRICANE DAY! I didn’t stay logged in for long. We didn’t get much wind. Right now is beautiful outside.

No logging on Sunday. I did start a new book outlining project, though, and screened a door. I screened it wrong, though, so I will have to buy a new screen and start again. Doh.