2011-0826 Friday

2011-0826 Friday

Summary: Last night I had the realization that it may be my ATTITUDE toward work that is the greatest contributing factor to daily productivity. Up to now, I’d been looking for the resistances; I’d never thought that my own body would want to sabotage my own ambitions. But you know what? It’s done it before.

Woke up at around 930AM. Puttered around with email, and slowly gathered (1) checks to deposit and (2) things to mail to Dad in Taiwan. Ran errands.

Errands were finished around 1230PM. I also picked up an excellent wrap from a Mediterranean restaurant, when one of the owners waved me inside and recommended their chicken. It was good! The wrap bread itself was very good too, which helped make it. Then, to Starbucks, where I stayed to about 2:00PM when I realized that I absolutely couldn’t work there today because (1) my mouse had dead batteries and (2) the spot I’d picked was getting blasted by sun, and I couldn’t see my screen at all.

When I got home, I puttered a bit by going downstairs and removing the carburetor from the carburetor cleaner bucket. I stuck the parts in a cardboard box to try. I noted that the main jet was a #70, and for the first time I noted that there was a tiny hole at the end of it, so maybe there was something to it being dirty or clogged. But I don’t think so. The other jet I didn’t note the number.

15:00 to 1645: Worked on CSS conversion of a website, trying to maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE toward the work. Positive attitude melts resistance. Negative attitudes are fuel for resistance, even if you’re telling yourself to overcome them. A positive attitude makes resistance impotent. If you can’t manage a positive attitude, a NEUTRAL attitude works too. Think nothing. This reminds me of my focus approach, where I just put negative thoughts out of my head.

1645 to 1700: Took a break to try to put the new screen on the screen door frame, but the plastic cable I bought is too thin. It had worked on the aluminum screen, but on the plastic screen is thinner and more pliable, so the cord that presses it into place wasn’t thick enough.

1700 to 2100: Did additional CSS conversion work, then headed to Home Depot to buy more cord and also to get some Chicken Pad Thai.

2100 to 2600: Eating, surfing web, playing STO, reading, then to sleep.