2011-0829 Monday

2011-0829 Monday

SUMMARY: This is the last daily diary for a while, because I think I’ve gotten what I needed from the 2-3 weeks of doing it. NOW, to write up a summary post!

Woke up at NOON, having gone to sleep late last night (4AM). So easily do I swing back into bad habits. Going to sleep early is a choice, so I will exercise it.

The remainder of the day (it’s now 1:30PM) can be recovered with some bursts. I think I’ll get out of the house and do some planning at Starbucks. I feel like I need to review the week and do some invoice/cashflow planning. And write a quick blog post. I want to make that process more efficient too, for when I need to produce content reliably.

1630: It’s now 4:30PM, and I’ve been working on a speech for a friend’s wedding. It’s a good thing I started rereading portions of Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit” last night, because her description of the creative process has given me some good techniques to keep in mind. Instead of forcing it all out in one blurp, I’m taking the time to push through it in chunks. The important thing is to keep moving, constantly.

I’m going to go home and switch to writing a blog post. Maybe I’ll get another ice coffee though.

It’s now 5:30PM. Going to unplug and head home.

1730 to 2400: Ate dinner, set up chat server connection to sto for out-of-game channel monitoring.