2011-0807 Sunday

2011-0807 Sunday

This was a complete relapse day. Thoughts follow.

I went to sleep at 2AM on Saturday, woke up at 1030AM, and then proceeded to do not very much except surf the net, play Star Trek Online (witnessing an epic discussion on role playing styles), and do the tiniest bit of shopping to buy cat food and saline solution for my contacts. I also bought a can of Pringles, ate them, and browsed Barnes and Noble looking to get a sense of retail pricing for various paper-based tsotchkes like greeting cards, book marks, information pamphlets, maps, etc. I cooked dinner, a roast I had been marinating, and it wasn’t that good. The cut of meat itself was too fatty, which I didn’t think was possible, but apparently it is. It didn’t have good flavor. On the plus side, I got to try my new roasting pan. And as a bonus, my T-Mobile phone finally kicked in with the old number, so I’m now officially off of Sprint and on T-Mobile pay-as-you go. Theoretically, this will save me a couple hundred bucks a year, at least.

Today’s thoughts:

  • Why am I being so lazy?
  • Should I worry about it?

My working theory is that there are so many things to do right now that are NOT easy, that I’m kind of stuck in a struggle between “weekend playtime” and “serious trudging toward the goal”. I probably needed the break. If I wake up early tomorrow, I can get a good start on all of it. Again, I have to remember my 15-minute starting routine, and hit every item on the list. The list looks something like:

  • Client Work: Website Transformation
  • Client Work Followups: Existing clients who I haven’t heard back from in a while
  • Cashflow: Need to make some adjustments this week because some invoices haven’t come in yet
  • Car Maintenance: Need to schedule oil change
  • GPS Repair: Need to send in GPS for warranty repair, and also snag some kind of backup unit for the weekend.
  • Strategic Roadmap for Dave Seah: I have this sketched out, and I think I can complete it if I focus. Not sure exactly what this will be, but it should be some kind of diagram that shows me where I “level up”.
  • Groundhog Day Resolution Review 8/8: That’s Monday!
  • Desktop Wallpaper Design Article: For Colleen’s 50fo50!

I guess that’s all of them…it seemed like a lot more in my head. The power of writing stuff down!

It’s 930PM. Gonna hit the sack, maybe read a little more “Drive”.