2011 Task Progress Tracker Updates

"Task Progress Tracker" The fifth update of this year’s forms, which brings me to 42 updates so far, is the Task Progress Tracker. I was originally going to do a quick update of it, but I ended up redesigning both this and the more obscure Destruct-o-matic version.

New in 2011

It’s the same form, but updated to look more like the newer forms. The Task Progress Tracker was the second form I designed, back when I was still getting used to Illustrator, and it had a major case of the uglies. I hope you like the new design!

  • Completely new look for both the standard and destruct-o-matic editions, in both color and black and white.

  • Again, I’ve dropped the year from the forms, so you can write it in yourself.

  • I’ve also dropped the “power user edition”, because the new standard edition incorporates most of its features.

  • I’ve replaced the font Helvetica Neue with Proxima Nova Condensed, which just looks great to me.

  • Now with A4 sizes for both TPT-01 and TPT-02 forms. Since this is the first year for A4, I’ve turned the number of trackable tasks up to 11 (had to do something with the extra height!)


p>For more information about the background of this form, you can always read the original post. I have heard rumors of engineers stapling a printout of the TPT to the front of project folders. I’d love to hear some examples of use from people who are using the TPT.

Download the 2011 Task Progress Tracker Forms

» Visit the TPT Task Progress Tracker Home Page to download the latest versions.