2011 Day Grid Balancer Updates

2011 Day Grid Balancer Updates

"Day Grid Balancer" The fourth update of this year’s forms is the Day Grid Balancer (DGB), which isn’t actually part of the Printable CEO™ Series but is more of an experiment in Creative Commons. The catch phrase Satisfying Things I wanna do DANG IT seems to have struck a chord with a few readers, so I’ve updated it for this year.

New in 2011

I’ve left this one relatively untouched in design because it’s not part of the Printable CEO™ family. However, I did make the following changes:

  • I’ve dropped the year from the forms, so I don’t have to update it every year. If you like that feature, you can always double-print the form with the year in the right place.

  • I’ve replaced the font Helvetica Neue with Myriad Pro, which is usually installed as part of the Adobe Illustrator suite.

  • Now with A4 sizes for both Type 01 and Type 02 forms.

  • Two versions: one “G-rated” version, and a downloadable archive with the original phrasing. Some readers didn’t like the use of a mild (by today’s standards) curse word, and I’m still enough of a preacher’s kid to respect that.

  • Still released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.


p>For more information about the background of this form, you can always read the original post.

Download the 2011 Concrete Goals Tracker Forms

» Visit the DGB Day Grid Balancer Home Page to download the latest versions.

Have fun! Enjoy!