2011 Concrete Goals Tracker Updates

2011 Concrete Goals Tracker Updates

"The Emergent Task Timer" The third update of this year’s Printable CEO™ forms is the Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT). It’s completely redrawn to fit the style of the other forms, and is now available for both US and A4 paper sizes.

New in 2011

Like the ETP and ETT tools preceding this, I’ve made several common changes:

  • I’ve dropped the year from the forms. If you miss it, you can always import the PDF and print on top of it.

  • The design is considerably condensed and refined, incorporating the style from the Emergent Task Planner and adding some often-requested features.

  • Proxima Nova Condensed is our new font, replacing Helvetica Neue.

  • A4 and US paper sizes in color

  • Index Card (3×5) templates


p>I’ve also included a few blank text versions that you can edit using Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you can adapt the wording to your own needs.

Download the 2011 Concrete Goals Tracker Forms

» Visit the CGT Concrete Goals Tracker Home Page to download the latest form versions.


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