On Hiatus

On Hiatus

Although at this moment I am filled with excitement at again redefining and reframing myself, I have a big project I need to close out, and I’m going to have to refrain from blogging for at least a month. This is a good time to haul out my Pickle Jar, which I think is in the laundry room collecting coins that I find in the washing machine. The Pickle Jar is used for holding ideas that I don’t want to lose, a sort of promise to myself to come back to the idea later.

Before I disappear, here’s some updates on various initiatives:

  • I’m still working on that interactive museum project, and we’re at the point where development should be hitting “full steam ahead” mode. I’m falling a bit behind on the technology side of things (I’m learning how to program 3D graphics systems) because I’m becoming familiar with the underlying development system. I’m also looking for programmers experienced with XNA on Windows, particularly on the model/shader development/animation side of things, to help out on a module-by-module basis.

  • One of the people I met at Starbucks teaches piano lessons, so I signed up for one to see if that will help with the Gospel Music experiment I started a while ago.

  • I’ve gotten several submissions for the freelance referral building, but I have not yet processed any of this. If there’s anything I post about, it will be this.

  • I have Printable CEO-related updates that I’d like to make, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to them. This also includes several user submissions that I haven’t had the time to virus-check, zip, and upload. The challenge with user submitted updates is that I end up having to provide the technical support for the uploads; links to blog posts are much easier to deal with.


p>Although the writing and blogging are activities that fill me with energy, they take a lot of time and I have to shift that to my paying work for a good chunk of time. At least afterwards, I’ll have a whole new body of expertise to write about.


  1. Penny 16 years ago

    We’ll miss you, but hopefully you’ll come back refreshed and renewed after your break.

  2. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Thanks Penny! It’s not so much a break as it is forced march :-)

    It just occurred to me, though, that this may be just the opportunity to work on doing really short postings.

  3. Laura Bucci 16 years ago

    I recently discovered your blog and have started to use your time management forms. Thank you!

    Blogging does take time! Especially thoughtful posts such as yours.