Benevolent Dictators

Benevolent Dictators

Barbara made an interesting comment in my recent post on Being the Mayor. She wrote:

[…] I think what really sticks is being the oldest of 4 and the only girl: bossy, yet nurturing. Benevolent dictators lead best. Know of any, anyone?

I know a few people that fit the “oldest, girl, bossy” category, and I find them fascinating to watch. I myself fit in the “older brother” category. As I’ve been thinking more about independence with respect to the Pursuit of Happiness, I think I actually may be headed down the path of Benevolent Dictatorship. It sounds awful on the surface, because here in the U.S. we have the expectation of democratic process as a kind of entitlement that is our birthright. In the context of business, though, this is an attitude that doesn’t fly; when people decide not to participate, it’s the people who choose to act that get to call the shots.

To illustrate that point, I’ve recorded a very short (90 second) audio supplement, retelling a story that I happen to like a lot about The Little Red Hen. Download below, or look for the MP3 player link at the end of this post.


Anyway, I thought I’d throw Barbara’s question out there for commentary. Are YOU a benevolent dictator? Are you OPPRESSED by a benevolent dictator? Is it a good gig? Inquiring minds want to know!