Creating Passionate Users SXSW Podcast Now Available

Creating Passionate Users SXSW Podcast Now Available

Just FYI, Kathy Sierra’s SXSW 2006 session How to Create Passionate Users is available now in mp3 format. She said at the beginning of the session that this was originally a 3.5 hour presentation…she crunched it into an hour, with a zillion slides. It was one of the best presentations at the festival. Via the SXSW2006 Podcast Stream.

ADDED: Still amazing even without the visual component. This could be the basis of a one year master’s program in the psychology of kicking ass.

ADDED: Hey, here’s a different audiocast from her keynote at the 2006 Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. Update: much of the same content, but delivered in what sounds like a somewhat more informal setting than the giant room at SXSW.

No slides for either audiocast, but if you go to cpu and google the individual topics she mentions, you probably will see some of the illustrations she used; a lot of them looked like they were from her blog.