Suckage in San Francisco

Chris Rhee publishes the highly-entertaining My Mean Girl blog, which is one of my favorite reads. Because of his blog, I have hope that someday I’ll meet a suitable-crazy woman to fall in love with. And in the meantime, reading about his pain keeps me from being too anxious about it happening any time soon :-)

Anyway, he was helping a buddy shoot a film for a class in San Francisco, and while he was loading up his car he got ripped off. This puts a big dent in the My Mean Girl operation, and in the spirit of community I’m posting about it so people can be on the lookout for his stuff and lend a hand so he can get things going again. I just read that his girlfriend Annie has been learning how to shoot shotguns, so I’m sure anything we can do to keep his mind off that would be a huge pick-me-up. Hang in there, Chris!