Suckage in San Francisco

Suckage in San Francisco

Chris Rhee publishes the highly-entertaining My Mean Girl blog, which is one of my favorite reads. Because of his blog, I have hope that someday I’ll meet a suitable-crazy woman to fall in love with. And in the meantime, reading about his pain keeps me from being too anxious about it happening any time soon :-)

Anyway, he was helping a buddy shoot a film for a class in San Francisco, and while he was loading up his car he got ripped off. This puts a big dent in the My Mean Girl operation, and in the spirit of community I’m posting about it so people can be on the lookout for his stuff and lend a hand so he can get things going again. I just read that his girlfriend Annie has been learning how to shoot shotguns, so I’m sure anything we can do to keep his mind off that would be a huge pick-me-up. Hang in there, Chris!


  1. chris rhee 18 years ago

    Thanks for spreading the word, Dave. Haha, I think you’re the first person to mention the shotguns—everyone else kind of forgot about that part of my post. Not only was she learning how to shoot for the first time, but apparently she was pretty damn good at shooting moving targets… I’m so screwed.


  2. Emily 18 years ago

    Boy, that does suck. :(

    Funny blog though! It reminds me of Mil Millington’s “Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About” website as well as the movie “My Sassy Girl”. :) I wish you the best in finding a “suitable crazy woman” of your own some day….but it’s a tough call to know where “charming crazy” ends and “scary crazy” begins!

  3. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Hey Em! Yeah, Mil’s site is also very funny too. Not sure what the line between “charming crazy” and “scary crazy”. I probably would pair craziness with a fundamental optimistic and positive attitude to help make that distinction. Which will lead into my next post, actually :-)