Quickie Emergent Task Tracker Variation 2A

998-0426-ett2a.jpgLazlo commented:

I’ve been using the Emergent Task Timer for several days now and am loving it but have one request: could you maybe add two (very faint) horizontal lines to each bubble, breaking them up into three five-minute sections for those times when a million things are happening at once? It’d be a helpful data point to keep track of when things seem to get a little scattered.

After almost convincing myself it was a bad idea, I realized that it wasn’t! So here you go, Lazlo! There were some other suggested mods scattered around in other comments…when I get some more time I’ll see what looks good.

ASIDE: It seems that the ETT is a hit with college students. I have some theories on this from my own grad school days, but I’m curious what current students have to say about this.

» Download The Emergent Task Timer (Wide, 5 minute resolution) » PCEO-ETT02A-StandardWide.pdf