Oblique Strategies: The Dashboard Widget

Oblique Strategies: The Dashboard Widget

Oblique StrategiesI’ve mentioned Oblique Strategies in the past; it’s a creative “I’m stuck! help!” tool devised by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt back in the 70s. But I didn’t know there was a MacOS X Dashboard Widget available until just now!

Very cool!


  1. Chris Meisenzahl 14 years ago

    Thanks, looks interesting, I’ll check it out. There are so many useless widgets out there it’s good to find some that others find useful.


  2. Travis Vocino 14 years ago

    This is actually really hip.  I love it.

  3. L. S. Russell 14 years ago

    You can also get this for Kapsules, and the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

    See this post:

  4. Dave 14 years ago

    Cool, thanks for the heads-up on the Windows version, Leslie! Kapsules looks cool…I wasn’t familiar with it.

    And for the compliment!

  5. bookgirl 14 years ago

    thanks! i was eagerly awaiting something like this and too lazy to make it myself. ;)