2006 Downloads for The Printable CEO

2006 Downloads for The Printable CEO

Just some quick updates to the forms, to update the year from 2005 to 2006. All other PCEO-related posts have been updated as well to point to the new 2006 editions.

The Standard Form has also been modified slightly to add more bubbles…I kept running out.

For more information, see The Printable CEO Series page. Looking forward to a great new year!

High Level Goals Tracking

» Download 2006 Standard » PrintableCEO-CGT01-Standard.pdf

» Download 2006 MiniBook » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook.pdf

» Download 2006 MiniBook Pages 1-2 / 5-6 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook12.pdf

» Download 2006 MiniBook Pages 3-4 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook34.pdf

» Download 2006 DuoSheet » PrintableCEO-CGT01-DuoSheet.pdf

Task Tracking

» Download 2006 Task Progress Tracker » PrintableCEO-TPT01-Standard.pdf

» Download 2006 Task Progress Tracker Destruct-o-Matic » PrintableCEO-TPT01A-Destructo.pdf


  1. peninah 17 years ago

    Thank you David!

  2. Dave 17 years ago

    You’re welcome! :-)

  3. Damien Tanner 17 years ago

    Great stuff David. Finally got myself a working printer so I’m going to have a shot at using this for work and exam revision.
    Really, and illustrator or svg version would be very helpful so I can chanage the text for the items. I don’t have Office so the ppt version is limited use.
    I ponder if I’m going to have to recreate the concept in another, more standard editable format. This I see as a bit of a time waste though, one which could be avoided ;)
    Nevertheless, thanks!

  4. Dave 17 years ago

    Hi Damien!

    If you’ve got illustrator CS2, you already have the ability to import PDF directly. While it’s not as pretty as the source files, you can create your own text version in about 5 minutes.

    To address the standard format issue, one of my year’s projects will be to create an online version so managing the lists will be easier. It generally takes me about three nudges before I act :-) I believe you are the second one! :-)

  5. Damien Tanner 17 years ago

    Thanks. Can’t wait for the online version!

  6. jonto 16 years ago

    Any plans to release the 2007 forms anytime soon?