LazyImageLayout and WordPress 2.0

LazyImageLayout and WordPress 2.0

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WordPress 2.1.x Issues

LZIL is compatible with 2.1.x, as far as I can tell! There’s also a new version, version 0.45, that adds a few new features:

  • Thickbox support: If you’re using Cody Lindley’s ThickBox CSS image gallery with jQuery, then you can use the new thickbox: selector instead of popimg:. Use thickbox:gallery to use the gallery features (gallery can be whatever you want).

  • Captioning: The Javascript popup code now adds some very simple captioning to pop-up windows. If you don’t like it, you can modify the plugin code and turn the $lzi_caption to false.

  • Improved CSS: I’ve made some updates to the CSS to show rollover states. Also, when there is no popimg: or other URL, a border is no longer shown. This gets rid of the false javascript cursor for non-clickable images.

  • Internal Bug Fixes: There was a bug in calculating the width of the image, which meant that the $lzi_full+width variable was set 10 pixels too small. It now matches. This is mostly useful for people using fixed-width site designs.

» download LazyImageLayout 0.45

WordPress 2.0.x Issues

  • April 14, 2006: Asperientje has released a version of LZIL that adds a few more features I never got around to implementing: centering images, borderless images, and so forth. Check it out!!! It’s an unofficial branch. UPDATE: If you are using this version of the plugin, you should contact Asperientje regarding issues with it, not me. I have not personally reviewed the code in his plugin.

  • Mar 02, 2006: The new version of LZIL adds the ability to delete cache files. Hooray! It’s also a little more informative on the Option page. Download 0.40. Please exercise caution when testing the cache delete functionality. I am also reviewing security of the plugin; if any PHP gurus want to give me some tips, I’m all ears! And yes, this one does now detect the wp-content path without using the fileupload_realpath database setting.

  • Feb 28, 2006: I’m working on a new version of LZIL that will detect the upload path in a different way. This has a new options page that doesn’t yet do anything, but will allow you to clear the cache and set other parameters without editing the plugin code.

  • The new WYSIWYG editor in WordPress 2.0 may cause formatting alignment issues with the current version of LZIL (0.36). The workaround is to edit your post in HTML mode.

  • The reported path problem was just a CSS bug in someone’s template. LZIL version 0.36 is still fine. I’m still not sure if WordPress 2.0 still has the fileupload_realpath setting in the wp-options table. Will have to install a new db and blog to know for sure. Last updated Jan 3, 2006.

  • QUESTION: Has ‘wp-options’ database table dropped fileupload_realpath and fileupload_url? There is currently no way to set these values in WordPress 2.0. Haven’t yet found definitive list of option changes. LZIL is dependent on these options to correctly find the image relative to the wp-content directory. Need feedback from testers.

If there are any problems, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to address them as quickly as possible. I’m planning on bringing LZIL up to spec with an admin panel plus several user-submitted enhancements, in January of 2006 when I can get a moment. LZIL may not be necessary with the new thumbnail features of WP 2.0, but I’ll take a look at what it does. Integration would be better!

Debugging Help

To make it easier for me to diagnose your problem, please make sure you do the following:
  1. Provide a URL to a page on your WordPress blog that is exhibiting the problem, and identify the area where it is occuring. Sometimes it’s not obvious to me!

  2. Tell me what browser you’re seeing the problem in.

  3. Tell me what version of WordPress are you using.

  4. Send me the !@ line that you’re using to show the thumbnail.

  5. Tell me if you’ve modified the CSS for images, anchors, or javascript related to displaying images (you don’t need to add any CSS of javascript for LZIL to work; it inserts it automatically).


p>Feel free to post a comment here, or email me if you are including sensitive server information.