Kate and Kat

Kate and Kat

Kate and KatI haven’t posted a cat picture in a long time, so here’s Ekaterina (aka Kate) and Katai (aka Kat). Referred to collectively as Kat(e).

They usually don’t sit together, so this was a rather unusual photo op. Their pose is reminiscent of a billboard ad for TV News: “Kate Winters and Kat Carson, live at 11 on NewsCenter 38!”


  1. Nollind Whachell 19 years ago

    “I’m ready for my closeup now.”

    Hehe, actually I was just thinking the same thing in putting up some photos of our cats as well. I might even see if I can get a video of Sam, the spastic “monkey boy” of the two, as he’s always hilarious to watch since he loves jumping off things and trying to fly.

  2. Duncan 19 years ago

    Very striking kitties.  And it’s nice to see them out in the open!

  3. Bridget 19 years ago

    Oh they are SO adoreable!! I love this picture :) Ahhhh! I want to pick them up and hug them!

  4. jen dunbabin 14 years ago

    and now that I know you are a cat lover it all makes sense that you are one of the good gusy :)