The Printable CEO Remixed

Minibook Format The Printable CEO has been very popular over the weekend…thanks for checking it out! If you are finding it useful, drop me an email via my contact form…I’m curious if people are actually finding it productive in the field.

I’ve already received a few suggestions from people, and have made a few additions to the family of forms.

MiniBook Format

Commenter Nick told me about pocketmod, a DIY organizer system that looks really cool. Paper rocks! I thought about adapting the Concrete Goals Tracker worksheet into it, but I wanted to try two-page spreads in my formatting. Plus, I didn’t like the idea of signing away copyright when submitting a template, so I just made my own. Fold it the way you’d cut and fold a pocketmod. There are some mini-comic techniques that might work well with a double-sided format, but that’s a project for another day.

Modified FormThere have been some changes. The main one is that the table has been reformatted to fit the width of the minibook pages. I also used the extra space to insert more bubbles; I had been running out of some of the 1s and 2s. Also, the continuity notes are designed to span the fold in the page so printer page registration isn’t so critical.

Each minibook can handle 2 weeks, which are on Pages 1-2 and 5-6 respectively. Pages 3-4 have the general notes area.

As an added bonus, I put my current productivity mantra into the header and footer of the notes page. I haven’t yet made a giant poster version yet, but this will do in the meantime:

  • Focus
  • Start Anywhere
  • Small Steps
  • Maintain Momentum
  • Just Ask
  • Commit

Make sure your printer on its high quality setting, with an output resolution of at least 360DPI. The fonts are pretty readable on my ancient Epson Stylus 900 if I set 360DPI InkJet, Best Quality. Otherwise, the text will be blurry.

» Download Foldable MiniBook » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook.pdf

If you want to combine just the bubble chart with PocketMod, use one of the following, and read the instructions.

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 1-2 or 5-6 » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook12.pdf

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 3-4 » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook34.pdf

Editable Versions

Excel VersionCommenter Peter suggested that I release the source files so people could edit and create their own versions of the CGT. The sources are probably not accessible to most people (they are Illustrator CS2 files), so I made a Microsoft Excel version for everyone to play with.

The picture on the right (go ahead, click it) shows what it looks like; it retains the clarity of the original, and for an Excel spreadsheet it’s actually pretty darn swanky. The one thing I’m not happy about is the two-column When is Something Worth Doing List…this was a compromise made so I could include an ample Notes area and still keep everything on one sheet. I like the list better as a single column because that reflects its “ranked scale” nature better from a visual perspective.

» Download Excel Spreadsheet »

Additional information on editing:

  • If you don’t like the way the Excel version looks, there’s also a nifty reader-contributed Editable PowerPoint Version available.
  • You might find this followup article on how I made the Printable CEO useful when coming up with your task items. It’s long, but informative.
  • If you are having trouble getting the Excel sheet to look right, you can use this sample PDF to see how it’s supposed to appear. This was output from Microsoft Office 2003 on my Windows XP system with Acrobat 7 Pro.

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