Annoying WP-HashCash / WP-Cache2 Issues

Annoying WP-HashCash / WP-Cache2 Issues

I finally figured out how to access the spam log in wp-hashcash. It’s supposed to be emailed to you every 64K worth of spam. That’s a lot. I set my threshold a lot lower, to 4K, so I can actually see it. Otherwise, you need to use something like MySQL Administrator to look into the wp-options table, under the wp_hashcash_log key. Yes, it’s real obvious…NOT!

While browsing through the spam log, I see other comments that have been posted that never made it through the filter. I believe this is because WP-Cache2 isn’t actually setting the WP_CACHE definition in such a way that wp-hashcash actually sees it when it runs, or maybe WP_CACHE just isn’t set when WP_HashCash runs. Just for kicks, I hardcoded the line:

   define('HASHCASH_PER_USER', false);

to always be set, no matter what. If this fixes the problem, I’ll look deeper into why WP_CACHE isn’t being set and notify the authorities.