Little Debbie Nutty Bars

In a moment of weakness, I purchased a $1.29 package of Little Debbie® Nutty Bars™ at the local supermarket. I love peanut butter, I was hungry, I spent the money.

I had 2 of them yesterday, when they were still somewhat warm from the car ride home. The outside chocolate was a bit runny. Didn’t like it.

I let them chill a bit in the fridge, which fixed the issues with the runny chocolate but revealed a greater weakness. The peanut butter was terrible, tasting mostly of bland hydrogenated oils or filler. Peanut butter shouldn’t be refrigerated I know, but this was astonishingly bad even accounting for that. It was like eating a peanut-scented stick of lip balm.

Also, like many American sweet snacks, far too much sugar overpowering any chocolate or peanut flavor. Not intended for adult tastes, I imagine. After eating only 2 and a half of the wafers, I threw the entire package into the trash.