Comments Broken?

Comments Broken?

I’ve been hearing some reports that comments aren’t working for people…if anyone has had any difficulty, please send me an email via the contact form. Let me know what browser you’re using, and the time of day.

Or leave a comment here and let me know it works for you! Thanks!

Possible issues:

  • posting during peak times in the afternoon, server overloaded?
  • AOL users w/ browsers?
  • Bad cookies? Erase all the cookies and see if the problem goes away.


  1. Dave 17 years ago

    I’m logged in with my regular cookied comment credentials, and it works for me! Firefox 1.0!

  2. Dave 17 years ago

    I’m not logged in as me as a WP user, and am leaving a comment with the regular form interface.

  3. DaveSeah 17 years ago

    I’m still not logged-in as a wordpress user, and am leaving a comment with a different email address and website.

  4. Internet Explorer 17 years ago

    Posting comment via internet explorer. I see the comment field width is wacky…

  5. Internet Explorer 17 years ago

    Fixed the wacky comment field width on IE by #commentform set to 450px (my fixed width for this column) rather than 100%.

  6. Dave 17 years ago

    Fixed timestamp too…with daylight savings on, we’re now back to GMT-4

  7. Emily 17 years ago

    Trying again. Testing testing!

  8. Emily 17 years ago