Spring Turkey Season

Spring Turkey Season

My sister told me about an article by one of our favorite writers, Jeffrey Steingarten, in which goes to England to hunt woodcock. He buys all the right gear, but unhappily leaves it all on the train by accident. The article, “To Kill A Woodcock”, was one of three that landed Steingarten a 2005 James Beard Foundation Journalism Award Nomination. We’ll find out in May whether he won or not.

Anyway, this got me thinking about Wild Turkeys, the bird that Benjamin Franklin thought to be a more fitting National Symbol than the Bald Eagle. A cunning, wily bird, the American Wild Turkey has made a comeback from extinction here in New Hampshire thanks to the efforts of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. And with that, comes Spring Turkey Hunting Season.

I’ve never hunted in my life, but I remember my Dad’s best friend “Uncle Daniel” who used to hunt pheasant and rabbits in (of all places) Taiwan. I remember eating something at his family’s house once that had pellets in it that I had to pick out. And what could be more American than hunting the Wild Turkey? Jeffrey Steingarten did it in England, so I’m sure he’s be fine with hunting turkeys. This is a part of America that I have not experienced. If I eat meat, I should consider getting it myself. Who knows…the experience might turn me into a vegetarian.

I don’t know if I could shoot a bunny or a deer, but a big old bird might be OK, especially if I eat it. Maybe I should start with catching fish first and see how I feel about it. And read Steingarten’s article.