Taiwanese Bread

yum I went back to the Merlion Asian Market to pick up some Taiwanese Bread.

Taiwanese bakery bread tends to be light and airy, with a touch of sweetness. I have memories of visiting a bakery in a farmer’s market in Shih-lin near our house in Taipei. After enduring the pungent aroma of live chickens and ripening papaya, we’d stop in the bakery to pick up some treats.

Photos follow!

Scallion BreadI really liked the scallion bread for the bright green onions, fused onto the fragrant bun with a buttery glaze.

Pork Sung BreadThis is a bun covered with pork sung, which is one of those mysterious asian meat products that I (and others enjoy). Sort of like finely minced bacon bits in flavor, except sweet and sort of fluffy.

Football Patriots BreadThis odd football-shaped bread was kind of spongey, filled with some kind of light custard like a canoli. Not enough custard, though. At the time I took this picture, it was the day before the Super Bowl and this bread was labeled “Go Pats!”

FootballA mysterious “pig in a blanket” bun. You can see the hot dog inside, which is of the Taiwanese sausage style: salty-sweet, with a hint of spicyness.

To wash all this bread down, I enjoyed a few tiny bottles of Yakult, the tangy-sweet yogurt drink from Japan that’s “good for your intestines”. Yakult Yes, that’s tasty! The asian market has all this stuff every weekend; it’s just about time to go make my weekly pilgrammage.