LazyImageLayout Updates for WordPress 1.5

LazyImageLayout Updates for WordPress 1.5

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With the release of WordPress 1.5 has come a smattering of reported compatibility problems with LazyImageLayout, aka LZIL. Adding them as I find out about them.

  • Possible conflict with default template stylesheet. Renamed css classes for a tags to be more LZIL specific (fixed in 0.33)
  • I’ve just migrated to 1.5, and have noticed some of the reported problems with LZIL if you are using a custom theme based on your WordPress 1.2 layout. LZIL appears to work fine with the new WordPress 1.5 themes otherwise.

  • It turns out that the default WP 1.5 style defines the img tag to have a max-width of 100%, which is causing the LZIL img tag definitions to fill into a weird space. (fixed in 0.34)

  • I just learned that WordPress treats syndicated excerpts differently than full posts. Excerpts are plain text, and posts are wrapped in [CDATA[ … ]] delimiters. The upshot is that for full posts, you CAN have HTML markup, which includes images. So I’ve experimentally modified LZIL to include images when posts are fully syndicated, and to strip ’em out when excerpted. (added in 0.35…experimental!)

  • Another issue with the WordPress 1.5 standard template: it apparently uses Excerpts instead of Full Text in some cases. I don’t get it, but I’ve modified LZIL to do this, as PHP-Markdown does as well. (added in 0.36)


p>GrendizerIf you’re using LZIL, drop me a line to let me know how it’s going…thanks! :-)


  1. Ulysses 18 years ago

    I tried to send you a message using your link: <a>let me know how it’s going…</a> but it does not work.

    I use your plugin LZIL, thanks.

  2. Dave 18 years ago

    Thanks Ulysses! Also, fixed the link…thanks for mentioning it!

  3. Aimee 18 years ago

    uh oh.  I did something bad.  It was working great (I quite love it, btw).

    But the thumbs for three pics looked crappy so I wanted to delete them and start over (not good).  Dummy here

  4. James 18 years ago

    Hi David,

    I have just read your background with interest. I need your expertise to advise me on how best should images be presented in an image retriveal system? For example, google images search: I type ‘tree’

    It display the images in a 2D fashion. Is there a better way of doing it.


  5. Dave 18 years ago

    Hi James!

    There’s a lot of different considerations to determine what’s best. It’s like “what’s the best car for me?”  Well, what kind of things do you do? You get the idea.

    Some broad things to consider: deployment (web? custom app? print?), how the images are to be “used” (reference? game? aesthetics?), and who will be using/looking at them for what purpose?

  6. Dan Merk 18 years ago

    I love your plugin. I am very excited to use this. Thanks again. Howver I have one question regarding the pop up function. I see that this is JS and it does not actually create an HTML page, rather an image with a specified DIV. I wanted to create a page that I can pass some variables to it so I can display a description of the image. I was able to enlarge the window and add some padding to make my images look like Polaroids, again based on the large image size. Neato. Can you offer any suggestions regarding how to add some text below the image in the pop up? Thanks!

  7. Dave 18 years ago

    Hi Dan!

    What you suggest is possible. The javascript actually does create a new HTML page dynamically, fit to the size of the pop-up. You can edit it by looking at LazyImageLayout.php file around line 511.

    To create the borders and the captioned text would require a bit more work to the existing code, so there’s no easy patch I can tell ya.

    However, I think I may be in the mood for doing the long-awaited LZIL updates I’ve been thinking of, and I’ll keep this option in mind!

  8. Stahn 18 years ago

    Hello, I have a little question, the plugin is working really nice…

    My question was, I tried to use a 8 bit PNG but the plugin gave me this error >

    LZIL: unsupported image type:3

    Can you add support for 8, 24 and 32 bits if it didn’t have it until now?

    Excuse my english and no, my site is not working.

  9. Dan Merk 18 years ago


    Thanks! Still working on this site. Got a question. This plugin uses the WP Upload directory as a foundation for locales on all images. Makes sense if I were to post one image a week. But I have a folder in WP that is my uploads folder. It is getting pretty full and I have to make a file naming convention to keep organized. (I would much rather use my own direcotries) Is there a hack that I can employ to allow me to FTP these files and point to my own images? I really want to use this plugin, but I may be pushing it a bit far. Thanks!

  10. Dave 18 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    You can probably modify it by looking for the comment

    $upload_path = …
    $upload_url = …

    around line 270 of LazyImageLayout.php

    Replace the get_settings() functions with the path to your directory for $upload_path, and the url pointing to the base URL where your images are stored. You may have to play around with it a bit to get it right for now.

    I actually keep all my images in a subfolder in the wp_content folder, which keeps it from getting disorganized. So instead of just:

    !@(image.jpg popimg: “image title”)

    I do

    !@(images/cakes/image.jpg popimg: “image title”)

    That should keep your upload directory from getting messy without changing any code in LZIL.

  11. Dave 18 years ago

    Hi Stahn,

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. LZIL supports the image types that your install of PHP supports…if you are getting that error message, it’s your version of PHP, not LZIL, that is the source of the problem.

    That said, I haven’t actually checked if 8-bit PNG works. Thanks for bringing it up!

  12. Todd Papaioannou 17 years ago


    A while back you hacked together a version (0.37) of LZIL for me that handles spaces in the filenames. I use that extensively and it works just great. I just popped back to see if there had been any updates and noticed that you still only offer 0.36 for download. You might wanna update the download, since I’m probably not the only one who needs this functionality.


  13. Mr. Pink 17 years ago


    I have a problem with my images in the rss feed. Simple, you don’t see them. I use the last LZIL version 0.36 with wordpress 2.0 and it works perfect on the website itself but not in the rss.

    I use:
    !@(film-posters/prime.jpg:N400 popimg: “Prime”)
    !@(film-posters/prime.jpg:N200 popimg: “Prime”)

  14. Dave 17 years ago

    This may be an issue with WP2.0 (I haven’t tested LZIL with it yet). Did RSS work with WP1.5?

  15. Mr. Pink 17 years ago

    Well, that I don’t now I never checked it in 1.5.2

  16. Dave 17 years ago

    It looks like there’s an issue with the RSS handling in LZIL 0.36… I’ll look at it this week.

  17. Mr. Pink 17 years ago

    okay, thanks

  18. Thomas 17 years ago

    Hey, does anybody have the problem with the window titles of the image pop-up appearing as “about:” in Firefox 1.5?

  19. Dave 17 years ago

    Thomas: I’m not seeing that problem here running FireFox 1.0.7. I am seeing it on 1.5 though…thanks for reporting this!!