LazyImageLayout Updates for WordPress 1.5

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With the release of WordPress 1.5 has come a smattering of reported compatibility problems with LazyImageLayout, aka LZIL. Adding them as I find out about them.

  • Possible conflict with default template stylesheet. Renamed css classes for a tags to be more LZIL specific (fixed in 0.33)

  • I’ve just migrated to 1.5, and have noticed some of the reported problems with LZIL if you are using a custom theme based on your WordPress 1.2 layout. LZIL appears to work fine with the new WordPress 1.5 themes otherwise.

  • It turns out that the default WP 1.5 style defines the img tag to have a max-width of 100%, which is causing the LZIL img tag definitions to fill into a weird space. (fixed in 0.34)

  • I just learned that WordPress treats syndicated excerpts differently than full posts. Excerpts are plain text, and posts are wrapped in [CDATA[ … ]] delimiters. The upshot is that for full posts, you CAN have HTML markup, which includes images. So I’ve experimentally modified LZIL to include images when posts are fully syndicated, and to strip ’em out when excerpted. (added in 0.35…experimental!)

  • Another issue with the WordPress 1.5 standard template: it apparently uses Excerpts instead of Full Text in some cases. I don’t get it, but I’ve modified LZIL to do this, as PHP-Markdown does as well. (added in 0.36)


p>GrendizerIf you’re using LZIL, drop me a line to let me know how it’s going…thanks! :-)