Retail Greetings

Retail Greetings

Yes, literally retail greetings. I guess it’s a crazy time of year for mall employees, but it still irks me when I go up to, say, the Cinnabon counter, and get nothing but a disassociated stare in return. A “Hi! How Can I Help You?” would be nice, even expected. Thinking it was me, I’ve been adjusting my approach to be a touch more benevolent, even jolly. Not much effect.

I wonder if I’m getting profiled: Large, puffy asian man with bad hair. Demanding demeanor. Probably an asshole who’s going to give me a hard time about there not being enough cinnamon on his f**ing bun and try to get a discount, because his bitchy wife and kids emasculate him at home. *Shields Up! Or maybe they’re just poorly trained, or tired. But the person in front of me in line seems to get the standard how-de-do.

Maybe I’m imagining it, but next time I’m out, I’ll have to try some different warm-up routines. Use different eye contact. Or wear a shirt with a collar.

Or maybe ignore their lack of retail salesmanship and get on with my life. :-)


  1. Emily 20 years ago

    I wouldn’t take it personally. I really think people are getting dumber, and less caring about basic social graces. I had to contact a bunch of potential salespeople to come in for interviews and while they looked fine on paper, I was shocked at how terrible a lot of them were on the phone. :P

  2. Bridget 20 years ago

    Today I bought a bunch of stuff for a lot of money & asked the person to note which one was which… she took a ball-point pen and wrote a note on the box. I said “hey, this is a present, I don’t think there should be writing on the box”. She said “What do you want me to do, cross it out?” And I said “No, I want you to give me a whole new box… I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.” I heard her mumble “yes, I do understand”… but then she wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the complicated transaction. It must be overwhelming to be facing all these holiday shoppers, but I think I’m doing my fair share of preceeding stuff with a big smile and a “Hi!!”… I think this new generation is basically waxxy, and that manners & chivalry has gone out the window. Did our parents say this about our generation? Mr. Dave’s Dad – What’s your take on this?