TommyTommy is a Russian Blue, attached to my high school buddy Mark out in Irvine, California. I first met Tommy (who’s named for a character in a play) in Boston when Mark was going to law school. He’s an endearing-yet-odd cat that chirp-squeaks when you pick him up. I think the chirp means, “You have 3 seconds to put me back on the floor before you are quite dead”. So far, I have not seen the time limit tested.


  1. Bridget 16 years ago

    This kitty Tommy is ADORABLE – I want to pick him up!! Excellent lighting & perspective in the picture :}

  2. Leng 16 years ago

    Hey Dave! My kitty Toby squeaks when you pick him up or squeeze him too! He also has a tribble sound that’s truly irresistable. You’ll meet him soon. :D