WordPress Install Practice

WordPress Install Practice

Just going through the famous WordPress 5-minute install to see what I need to do to do this from scratch on my server, since a few of my friends have expressed interest.

Installation 1. copy files to wp/ directory 2. create db and usernames via db admin control panel 2. copy .htaccess file with php-cgiwrap setup to root directory 3. go to http://site/wp-admin/install.php 4. on step 2 of the install, change http:/site/wp to http://site, because we’re going to move the index file 5. note the admin password 6. login as admin 7. add user, bump to highest level 8. Logout

Now, set up WordPress Options 1. Options->Reading Show 5 posts paged. Optionally, enable GZIP if I’m not going to be using the staticize plugin. 2. Options->Discussion 3. Options->Misc Upload Directory (needed by LZIL)

Next edit various files: 1. move the index.php out of the wp directory (see instructions on moving the index.php file if you’ve never done this before) 2. edit line 3 to point to wp directory

Create Fixed Width version of index.php 1. add center div that wraps content div 2. add right div that wraps menu div 2. copy wp-layout.css over

Update Plugins 1. Markdown 2. LZIL (setup the upload directory paths correctly)

That should do it. I can genericize the template now and deploy variations on this much quicker now.