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Designed for paper-based workflows.

This is a collection of forms that you can download and print at home. Each form is designed to show your progress visually as you use it throughout the day, providing useful feedback about how well you are doing without a lot of annoying data entry or calculation.

FEBRUARY SPECIALS I'm doing a new idea every day marathon this month.

Emergent Task Planner

ETP Emergent Task Planner

DAILY A flexible day planning worksheet, focusing on 3 tasks at a time.

Emergent Task Timer

ETT Emergent Task Timer

DAILY Have a reactive schedule? See exactly where your time is going, quickly and easily.

Task Progress Tracker

TPT Task Progress Tracker

PROJECT Get the satisfaction of seeing where your effort is going, even on complex projects.

Task Order Up

TOU Task Order Up

PROJECT Convert your projects into tickets that show your coworkers exactly what you have cooking.

Concrete Goals Tracker

CGT Concrete Goals Tracker

GOALS Focus on tasks that actually contribute to your goals.

Day Grid Balancer

DGB Day Grid Balancer

GOALS Stay mindful of the activities that contribute to overall life balance.

Compact Calendar

CCAL The Compact Calendar

PLANNING An easily-updated perpetual strip calendar that helps you quickly visualize and plan multi-week projects.

Resource Time Tracker

RTT Resource Time Tracker

PLANNING A method for tracking deliverables and allocating future time for multiple projects.

Excel Gantt

Manual GANTT Charting in Excel

PLANNING A simplified approach to creating GANTT-style schedules in Excel.

Excel Timesheet

Doing Time in Excel

REPORTING An efficient timesheet for tracking time for multiple projects in 15-minute increments as you work.

Book Outliner

FBO Fast Book Outliner

NOTE TAKING Create a book map as you read, so you can find the good stuff later!

Many of these tools are free to download and use. If you like, you can also make a donation.

About Dave’s Productivity Tools

In 2005, I started sharing my experiments in personal productivity on this blog, creating a collection of various printable paper forms I called The Printable CEO. The idea behind this was that as a freelancer, I didn’t have a boss telling me what to do. I thought it would be funny if I could print a CEO out and put it on my desk as a substitute. It actually ended up being very helpful, and I kept adding to the series over time to handle the different productivity challenges I faced.

Terms of Use

  • Many of these forms are free to download for your private use, but I retain all copyright. Please do not upload them to other websites.
  • I also sell a few versions of the tools as well, such as the high-quality printed versions on Amazon and specialized digital versions.
  • I encourage people to adapt and modify the forms for further sharing, if you ask permission. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Other Forms

The following forms are not yet in the master index. I’ll add them at some point in the future.

  • Academic Year Calendar – Customized for the US Academic Year starting around Labor Day. Ready to print!
  • The Network Rainmaker – Sales starts as a numbers game, then becomes a relationship-building process. This form helps you see the relationship.
  • Intermittent Task Tracking – Sometimes you have tasks that you do very infrequently. The idea behind this form is to capture the context of what you’re doing, and log the time.
  • The Menu of the Day – Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba would take a few minutes at the beginning of each bout to write out his menu in brush calligraph before kicking ass in the kitchen. He said it gave him clarity before he started. That’s the idea behind this form. (NOTE: This form has been superseded by the Emergent Task Planner.)