Pre-Printed Products!

Pre-Printed Products!

The Emergent Task Planner Notebook In addition to providing the free downloadable versions of my productivity tools, I also have notebooks and paper pads produced by a commercial printer in my home state of New Hampshire. They’re available for purchase at Amazon USA.

For all products except the Sticky Pads, I use a very nice 80# text paper that is dense, smooth, with a little bit of grip. This paper is unlikely to bleed-through with normal use, and it stands up well to erasing.


  • ETP double-sided pre-printed sheets are available in 2017
  • A full-size version the ETP Notebook will arrive in early February 2017

Available on Amazon

Here is what I have currently for sale on Amazon USA. Prime shipping is available, and easy returns are handled by Amazon as well!

  • ETP double-sided 8.5×11 inch Pre-punched in 50 or 150 sheet packs, for use with three-ring binders.
  • ETP double-sided 8.5×11 inch Unpunched 50 or 150 sheet packs. For use with your own binding system, like Staples Arc® or Levenger’s Circa.
  • ETP Sticky Note Pads are self-sticking 4×6 inch sheets for on-the-go ETPing. They come two to a pack for 100 sheets total.
  • ETP Half-size Notebook  has 92-pages and is double-wire bound. Compact in size and printed on both sides of each high-quality sheet, this is designed for people who like to have their ETP tucked into their bag.
  • ETP Full-size Notebook is now available! Similar to the half-size, new for 2017!