The Mini Emergent Task Planner

The Mini Emergent Task Planner

"Mini ETP" These are half-sized versions of the Emergent Task Planner (ETP). The US “Mini” version is half of a US Letter sheet (5.5″ x 8.5″), while the international version is A5.

Because of the smaller size, I’ve had to reduce the number of items that are tracked and modify the layout. I’ve also made a few variations of the tracking area based on feedback from the volunteer ETP testers.

  • Version 0T7 is a simple 7 task listing, with no tracking bubbles.
  • Version 3T3 handles three main tasks + three additional tasks, with tracking bubbles.
  • Version 5T0 is a 5-task listing, with tracking bubbles.

Variations of Mini ETP Each variation costs $7, which includes:

  • All the black and white PDFs you can download above. The black and white versions are designed to take advantage of the higher resolution offered by laser printers to look as sharp as possible.
  • All the PDFs in color, with the line thicknesses and font weights adjusted to print well on color printers.
  • All the designs as 2-UP (two per sheet) PDFs, for convenient printing in bulk. Includes front and reverse sides for duplex (double-sided) printing if you want to try assembling a notebook.
  • Both A5 and US Mini sizes.

You can also buy all three variations in a single pack for US$14.

Combination Deal!



Buy the 48 PDF COMBO PACK Includes all three versions for $14. Save 33%.

Free Samples

Each variation has a free sample you can try out at home. If you want the full package, please click the purchase button.

Tip: To download the PDFs to your computer, right-click (control-click on Macs) the links and choose "Save Link As..."

ETP03 3+3 Task Tracking Version (3T3) ETP03 Three Plus Three Task Tracking


A5 Sample PDF US Mini Sample PDF Buy ETP Mini 3+3 (16 PDFs)

ETP03 Simple 7 Task Version (0T7) ETP03 7 Task


A5 Sample PDF US Mini Sample PDF Buy ETP Mini 7 Tasks (16 PDFs)

ETP03 Five Task Tracking Version (5T0) ETP03 5 Task Tracking


A5 Sample PDF US Mini Sample PDF Buy ETP Mini 5 Tracked Tasks (16PDfs)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for printing. The built-in "Mac OS X Preview" and "Chrome Browser" PDF viewers do not always draw dotted lines correctly.

4×6″ Sticky Note Version

A Sticky Note style is available on