Treading on Sacred Ground: Logo Design

John McWade’s latest DesignTalk post on logo design, and it describes how one can emotionally approach the client’s desire to ‘create a new flag’:

The logo is not “just a graphic” any more than a flag is a piece of colored cloth. That’s why it’s so hard to design. You’re working on sacred soil. I’m exaggerating only a little, but I’m not kidding.

This describes the situation well. Personally, I’ve always felt the discomfort from the client knowing that this was very much the case; I tend to shy away from logos for this very reason. McWade’s post goes on to describe an approach to handling the client with courtesy and understanding.

Correlated thought: I’m not crazy :)


A message from Dave:

I really believe we all benefit when we share our own perspectives on common experiences. It would be great if you added your own anecdotes and comments, even if you don't necessarily agree with the premise of the post; that's just good conversation in my book. The house rules are "treat each other with kindness and respect" and "enjoy the flow of ideas!"

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