Design Candidate for 4×6″ StickyPad ETP

Design Candidate for 4×6″ StickyPad ETP

StickyPad ETP I spent a good chunk of Sunday redesigning the Emergent Task Planner to fit onto a 4×6 recipe card. I’m pretty pleased with the result. The picture above shows a stack of printed ETP designs. The bottom is the 8.5×11 ETP pad you can buy from Amazon. The middle pad is a custom A5 design I did for a company in Spain, and the very top is the mocked-up 4×6 sitting on a pile of 4×6 index cards.

StickyPad ETP DesignThe 4×6″ size is designed for printing on re-stickable paper notes (like a Post-It®) that Papergraphics can handle. Since the area is about half of the already-small A5 design, I had to simplify the design quite a bit more. This one is based on the Mini-ETP 7-Task Design, with a redrawn day grid and a more tightly-defined base grid.

StickPad ETP PrototypeThere’s one more tiny adjustment I’d like to make (the spacing at the top), and then I’m going to send the design to the printing guys and have them made. I’m hoping to have them up in the Amazon store in time for the new year.

StickPad ETP Design 2 UPDATE: This is a version that has the standard 14 hours, which gives more room for writing.

If you have any comments or requests, feel free to leave ’em here or in the design synopsis I posted in my process blog.


  1. Avrum 9 years ago

    That’s some fine looking product you got there.

  2. Dana DiTomaso 9 years ago

    Looks great!

    FYI – since I couldn’t ship from Amazon to Canada for the pads, I ended up shipping them to a friend in the US and then she sent them to me. Looks like I may do that again when I run out – I think the sticky pads will work better for me, size-wise.

  3. Lynn O'Connor 9 years ago

    Looks great, I will order as soon as it arrives, or preorder if that would be helpful. It’s going to be very useful. I’m finally learning to plan my week (although I don’t reliably do what I’ve planned) However I usually manage to carry out what I’ve laid out on the ETP.

    You are going to get some email from me…I’ve been swamped, until the end of this week.

  4. Chris Williams 9 years ago

    Any chance you have some extras of the custom A5 designs hanging around that you would sell? I have been looking for a bound solution like that!

  5. Jorge 9 years ago

    Hey, Dave, great to know your ideas for our notepad did stick :) They were a huge success for us, people love them.

    Best of lucks!

  6. Kim Miles 9 years ago

    Do you have any custom A5 designs that you would sell? This is what I have been looking for.


  7. Will Hopkins 9 years ago

    Excellent! I’m looking forward to getting them, and mentioning them to my family as stocking stuffers. Good luck with the final push!

  8. Brad Hughes 9 years ago

    Just like what Kim asked, do you have it on A5 design? Pretty neat design you got here.

  9. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    There’s a digital version of the A5 for sale, but there is no bound printed version for sale. Not yet, anyway! After we get the sticky pad version out, the next one will be the A5 size. Just need to figure out just how to make it.

  10. Be 9 years ago

    Nice work! They look great. Will be looking forward to their release.

  11. Jay Eskenazi 9 years ago

    looks good. btw, i’ve just been on the site downloading some forms for 2012. And just wanted to thank you for sharing your work all these years. It’s been an invaluable resource and I’m sure tons and tons of people share the sentiment! Happy Holidays…

  12. Jon 9 years ago

    Really looking forward to ordering this post-it size!!

    Any update on when these will be ready to order on Amazon? I know you were shooting for Jan 1st… just wondering.


  13. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Currently, I’m waiting on the printer to confirm on new samples and pricing. Hopefully will get an update soon.