Alternate Fast Book Outliner Design

Alternate Fast Book Outliner Design

New 50 Page FBO VariationI was starting to outline a book, and was finding the bottom of the Fast Book Outliner hard to write on. So I moved the page lines to the top, which is where the action is when actively reading the book. This way, I can put the paper to the right-side of book I’m reading and do the page indexing on-the-fly, without having to cramp my hand to write at the bottom until I’m ready to make notes. Or so goes the theory!

If you’d like to put it to practice, the 50-page version has a new “alternate layout” you can download on the FBO Page.


  1. Josh Kaufman 8 years ago

    I love it!

  2. Avrum 8 years ago

    More brilliance… holy cow. Now I can take notes and not worry about placing my books in my waiting room (all marked up with personal thoughts, etc). Super duper. I’m going with the 100 page format. Thanks.

  3. NeadReport 8 years ago

    This cries for an equivalent software program that would be at home with the likes of Kindle or other tablets.

  4. Mehmet CAN 8 years ago

    I loved this one, too. But the first one is more useful and convenient for me.