12 Months: a Compact Calendar-inspired iPad App

12 Months: a Compact Calendar-inspired iPad App

Compact Calendar iPad App Entrepreneur Kristian Dupont sent me a link to his app 12 Months, a strategic planning app for the iPad that is inspired by the Compact Calendar. I haven’t been able to try it, but it apparently integrates with the iOS built-in calendar.


  1. Fred Schechter 8 years ago

    Dave should get at least a dime per sale on that. Just my 2 cents. Seriously, I want 2 cents per sale too!! You know, for fun! But Dave,, hook him up!

  2. Will Hopkins 8 years ago

    I wish I had an iPad so I could buy this app. It would be the perfect companion to the existing iOS calendar. I love the look.

  3. Jacob Sam-La Rose 8 years ago

    Curious about how this works. I hope I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t find an intuitive way of moving between years (no swipe). Tapping on a day brings up a schedule for that day: great. But there’s no apparent way to highlight/enter spans for large blocks of time (as per the preview image) – events marked out as multi-week all day events in my main calendar aren’t flagged up in any special way. Doesn’t seem to have any data entry facility. And some of the UI is a little buggy (try hitting the calendar button more than a few times) Again, I’m hoping I’m just being dense/blind/missing something obvious, but on first play, it doesn’t really seem to offer all that much.

    Not to hijack the thread, but Timeli app works pretty well for planning blocks of time. What draws me to 12 months is the idea of integration with the native calendar. Timeli looks great and functions well, but I rarely fire it up simply because it’s an additional body of data to manage…

  4. Author
    Dave Seah 8 years ago

    I don’t have an iPad myself, so I’ve not been able to try it. I’ll have to look into Timeli, though, and see what that’s about. Thanks for the threadjack :)

  5. Kristian Dupont 8 years ago

    I am the creator of this app — thank you for mentioning it Dave!

    Jacob, you are right, the first version is rather simple and the only way to plan 2012 right now is to set the iPad date to some day in 2012. I will have an update ready soon that fixes this, hopefully along with any bugs. I would appreciate any other feedback!

  6. Will Hopkins 8 years ago

    I now have an iPad, so I bought 12months and gave it a whirl. It’s a nice looking app, but I found it pretty buggy. Keep an eye on it as it develops, but it’s not really 1.0 material at this point. Good luck to Kristian moving it forward – I think it’s got a lot of potential.