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  • GHDR 2022: June Report

    June 6, 2022

    Hey guys! I have to delay my Groundhog Day Resolutions report for June due to some extreme work deadlines....

    DSri Seah
  • GHDR 2022: May Report

    May 7, 2022

    New Groundhog Day Resolutions report for May! It’s a few days late, but it’s filled with insights: ADHD, Autism....

    DSri Seah
  • GHDR 2022: April Report

    April 5, 2022

    With the end of the first quarter of 2022, it’s time for a Groundhog Day Resolutions report! Topics covered:...

    DSri Seah
  • GHDR 2022: March Report

    March 3, 2022

    It’s been a surprisingly productive month, thanks to a serendipitous reconnection with Adderall (or more accurately its generic counterpart)....

    DSri Seah
  • Groundhog Day Resolutions Kickoff 2022!

    February 2, 2022

    Ah, February 2nd! For this year, I’ll be writing my GHDR review on my new site, which I’m...

    DSri Seah