GHDR 2022: August Report

GHDR 2022: August Report

With the big project closing down and me in full burnout recovery mode, it some time to figure out what the heck to do next. I think I have a new plan born of the desire to NOT plan very hard. For the rest of the year, I’d like to double-down on being randomly productive and happier versus disciplined and methodical and dead inside :-)

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  1. Marina Tan 2 years ago

    Hi Dave, I’ve been lurking on your site off and on for (I can’t remember how many) years. Just wanted to say, your work and generosity of spirit in sharing your varied iterations of “output/product”, as well as some details of your journey behind the scenes, has been insightful, inspiring, and in certain ways fortifying. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing burnout, but glad you are well/experienced/skilled (?) enough to recognise it. Have a good rest, and may you find joy and peace in your season of random happy productivity. :) Thank you for everything.