Weekly Review 0715 – Single Mission Necessity

Weekly Review 0715 – Single Mission Necessity

In the official July 7 GHDR Assessment, I wrote a rambling analysis of what I was doing wrong in thinking about my goals.

  • ANALYSIS: I’m not making progress that feels meaningful.
  • HYPOTHETICAL FIX: I should define my tasks as complete mini project briefs that embody desire, questions to answer, and a target person’s actual needs so I have a complete context to work with.

While I really want to do is make progress on my big aspirational goals, but for the next few weeks I need to focus on developing software for our internal August 1 deadline. This gives me clarity about how to proceed, but the thing I’m not doing are weighing heavily on my mind. To help keep my head clear of these distracting details, I spent a couple of hours making a list of everything on my mind:

Weekly Plan There are three project areas on the left, and I’ve highlighted the key areas that I’ll focus on this week. A large miscellaneous task list and scheduled interruptions are the other happenings for the week that will eventually get done.

A challenge for myself is to make ANY progress on a non-software job, particularly posting something new to my works.davidseah.com site to try to get things moving. I find mustering the discipline to make progress on projects that no one is asking for very difficult, but that will be my challenge to report on next week.