Progress Report: Two Weeks of Cardio

Progress Report: Two Weeks of Cardio

As I reported last week, I’ve been doing an hour of cardio a day for 14 days to see if it is a simple formula for increased hotness. I’m not sure if it is yet, because it certainly has been a formula for increased eating, but there have been these benefits:

  • It’s a great ritual to start the day when I get up, because it’s a simple directive: put on gym clothes and drive to the gym before doing anything else.
  • Because I have nowhere to go while doing the cardio, there are no distractions so I can think about the activities of the day.
  • It’s not boring because I’ve figured out how to fill the time. I’m using an elliptical machine exclusively, and its smoothness allows me to use an iPad.
  • The intensity and duration have increased my cardiovascular fitness by at least 30 percent over 14 days, so I feel physically good.

On the downside, I have lost no weight and am still at 200 pounds, which is up 20 pounds from my low of 180 before heading to Taiwan last April.

I do feel a little thinner, but not appreciably so. I haven’t measured my waist yet and I don’t think I will for another two weeks.

I’m planning on continuing to do this, because the start of day benefits are worthwhile! Fat loss will be an inevitable side effects.

I’ll check-in again in mid-July to report if there’s been any change!


  1. Andrea 5 years ago

    Drive to the gym? How American! Isn’t it easier to run/cycle from your front door?

    • Author
      Dave Seah 5 years ago

      It’s a bit dangerous to cycle/drive where I live. I find running around in circles super boring too, and my knees don’t like it either. Going to the gym and using their equipment IS the easiest and most efficacious way for me so far.