Will an Hour of Cardio Every Day Make Me Hot?

Will an Hour of Cardio Every Day Make Me Hot?

I’m running a personal experiment to see if “an hour of cardio a day” will result in an increase in my physical attractiveness, AKA HOTNESS. I’ve always been overweight, though I’ve slimmed down more in the past year. I’m at the point where I want to start wearing more interesting fashionable clothes, and my options would increase if I lost more inches off my middle.

An hour of cardio on the elliptical is about what I can manage at the moment, though I was loathe to devote “so much time” to a boring activity. But to become hotter is a compelling goal for me right now, so I’m running a 14 day experiment to see what additional spiciness I could attain. I like the idea of a simple activity that results in hotness, rather than a more complicated routine. I’m not interested in developing muscle mass at all. I want to be leaner and more evenly shaped in the middle.

In the past I’ve done challenges for 15-30 minutes of high intensity cardio a few times per week over a period of several months. The improvement in my cardiovascular endurance was notable. How would an hour every day compare?

The First Seven Days

I started last Tuesday, and today marks the first 7 days. The results have been very good and also quite surprising!

  • It’s a nice way to start the day. I get dressed for the gym at home and drive five minutes. The less time I spend in the locker room fiddling with clothes and shoes, the better. I just dump my bag in a locker. Afterwards I get a breakfast sandwich and coffee and then drive home to shower. I do it no matter when I wake up, because I’m terrible at maintaining any kind of regular waking schedule. By just making myself go first thing to officially start the day, that simplifies things for me.

  • 60 minutes is not a lot of time if you are reading Twitter, Instagram, and great professional newsletters. After the first 15 minutes of just focusing on getting my body moving well, I’ve worked out a routine that helps pass the time. First, I scan my email and also my notes from the day before on my iPad. I then try to formulate a starting action item that I will do once I start the day. Then, I spend about 15 minutes catching up on Javascript news (relevant to my work at the moment), and after that I catch up on the last day of Twitter and Instagram. I avoid Facebook.

  • Physically, there has been a significant performance difference between 30min 3x a week and 60min of cardio everyday. The performance metric I use is how long it takes my body to do one mile on the Life Fitness elliptical I use without feeling like I’m going to die. When I’m out of shape, it takes about 15 minutes. Doing 15-30 cardio 3x a week will get that time down to about 12 minutes after 3 weeks, and 10 minutes after 6 weeks. I hit 10 minutes after 4 days this time. I hit 9 minutes the day afterwards. I guess intensity and daily cardio really does matter.

  • The big surprise is that instead of losing an hour, I’ve gained an hour. Originally, I was concerned that I didn’t have time to spend doing a whole 60+ minutes on myself, but I chose to prioritize health (and HOTNESS) over work. After just 7 days of this, that hour of cardio has resulted in feeling rested after fewer hours of sleep, better quality of alertness throughout the day, and a feeling of contentment that elevates my mood. The net result of all these effects is that I have lost no time at all, and the quality of that time is noticeably better.

I am very encouraged. The true measure, though, will come from measuring my waist and weight next week. I’ll followup with more detail then.

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  1. Christian 5 years ago

    Didn’t write for years, but couldn’t resist now: This is great to hear! Exercise sure changed my life, and I’m happy it’s improving yours, too. :) When you’re comfortable with adjusting things without breaking the routine, make sure to try adding strength-focused workouts, too. A mix of both is great, as you sure will find out when you research this stuff and try it our for yourself. Getting leaner and feeling focused through movement is one thing; adding a whole new skillset of movements to the mix, e.g. handstands and well-executed pull-ups, will positively affect how you feel overall in your mortal shell, I’m sure.

    Keep it up!