Weekly Review 0402 – One Project Closes, Five More Begin

Weekly Review 0402 – One Project Closes, Five More Begin

Ugly Progress Hey, this is a late review of the week March 25-31, 2019. I’m going to add a WIN / STUCK report here; I got this idea from my friend Jakob, who I check-in with weekly.

WIN – I finally got the MEME “draw graphics from data structure” code working in principle (see above screenshot). Now it has to be refined, but the framework for how it happens is solid enough to support the other aspects of the tool. The MEME tool is for a research grant that investigates how students can reason about system modeling in the sciences.

STUCK – Now that the crunch of last month is over, I am swamped with a hoard of other concerns. I’ll be going on a long family trip and need to prep on what to bring for a month. I am trying to help with a big community event. I need time for myself and my projects, too.

On the plus side, I have recognized that I actually do do a lot of work, whereas before I thought I was doing less than most people. I no longer think this is the case, so I am just trying to accept it gracefully. An unexpected benefit of this acceptance is that I’m feeling better about doing household chores, as I see this just as the continuum of work things I have to do. Before I thought it was taking away from time that could be spent doing important things. Now that I think of everything I do as important (at least to me, which is sufficient), I am not in the mindset of feeling ALWAYS BEHIND and NEVER PRODUCTIVE ENOUGH. This is one of those situations when “knowing that what I do is enough” and “feeling what I do is enough” are not aligned. Maybe now the alignment is there.

Those are the major insights from the last week. Let’s quickly review the details using the standard report format.

Restatement of Goals

As I’ve outlined in my GHDR Working Process page, this year’s strategic goals are as follows:

  • [DISCIPLINED GOAL] Increase my mastery of Javascript Development
  • [DISCIPLINED GOAL] Increase the viability of my Online Stationery Business
  • [EMERGENT GOAL] Increase my expression of “me”
  • [EMERGENT GOAL]Take care of myself and the communities that matter to me


Felt like another B. Not average. not amazing.

SLOT 1 “Javascript Development Mastery” Achievements

  • MEME – Architectural foundation for data transformations is in place! Yay! Will make it easier to build out new stuff.
  • WORK – 30 billable hours, which is higher than my average of 10. I am feeling pretty burned out though.

SLOT 2 “Online Stationery Business” Achievements

  • ETP STICKYPADS SHIPPED – Two cartons are on their way to Amazon, so they will soon no longer be out of stock.
  • ETP MINI NOTEBOOK REORDER – These are going to run out of stock soon, so reordered.

SLOT 3 “Personal” Achievements

  • Played The Division 2 until I got sick. Taking a break.
  • Cleaned up laundry room by buying many coded hampers!
  • Rediscovering diet discipline


For next week, my goals are largely the same

  • SLOT 1 (DISCIPLINED TRACK) SOFTWARE MASTERY (SWM) – MEME finish with better line drawing code (95% done), write documentation.
  • AUX (DISCIPLINED) – 20 billable hours for April (will be away)
  • AUX (DISCIPLINED) – get closer to 180 lbs. 4 past weekly weigh-ins: 187, 189, 191, 192 (net gain of 5 pounds)
  • AUX (EMERGENT) – clean basement for clothing swap
  • AUX (EMERGENT) – finish GHDR subsite

I need to keep an eye on what I eat; I am stalled in weight loss. Have added some meat broth to help feel full, but maintaining sufficient energy levels is a problem.


The big goal this week is to wrap-up this coding task so I can prep for the trip. Also, to make sure that the clothing swap is moving OR delay to June. This is seeming more likely.

MON 1/1 New Year’s Day Start thinking about resolutions
FRI 2/2 Groundhog Day Make your resolutions. Assemble your peer group.
SAT 3/3 March 3 Review w/ group.
WED 4/4 April 4 Review w/ group.
SAT 5/5 Cinco de Mayo Review w/ group. Think celebratory, spring-like thoughts!
WED 6/6 June 6 Mid-Year Review w/ group. Optional break for summer.
SAT 7/7 Tanabata Star Festival Private Review. Make Wishes. Rededicate.
WED 8/8 Chinese Father’s Day Private Review. Plan for future completion.
SUN 9/9 September 9 Review w/ group. Three months left.
WED 10/10 October 10 Review w/ group. Two months left.
SUN 11/11 Veteran’s Day Review w/ group. A Day to be Grateful.
WED 12/12 December 12 End-of-year Review. Break for Holiday Madness.

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For my 2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions, I'm challenging myself to develop "gathering-style productivity" as I pursue the year's goals. You'll find the related posts on the 2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions page.