Javascript Game Bullet Collisions and Financial Reports (GHD060-061)

Javascript Game Bullet Collisions and Financial Reports (GHD060-061)

BULLETS On Saturday and Sunday I worked a bit more on the Javascript Game Engine, adding on to Thursday’s progress by enabling collision detection between the spaceship, the bullets, and an invisible wall. In hindsight it seems ridiculously easy, but at the time I had been daunted by not knowing anything about how the PhysicsJS library actually worked. I had expected it to be a pain in the ass, but my knowledge of physics engines from past run-ins seems to have helped guide me through the experience. I livestreamed the entire 2 hour session late late at night, but had to delete that stream because YouTube detected copyrighted music streaming from my iTunes.

To make up for it I made a couple of videos, this 20 minute overview and a shorter 2 minute progress video, which appears below:

I also put together a Javascript Game Playlist which collects all the progress videos so far. It’s kind of exciting to be able to see how the engine is slowly progressing!

GHDR Lessons Learned and Points Earned

In addition to the javascript game work, I also generated a lot of financial reports for my accountant. The process of coordination is getting a little better, though it’s still not optimal or even very good yet. Maybe this year will be the year it all comes together! I at least wrote a list of how to generate the more difficult reports, which should help me next year. I also found some old instructions from last year that helped me remember.

50 Milestone goal! Posted more code, with videos and how to use instructions!
50 Milestone goal! Made many financial reports, useful for the creative business goal!
2 Posted words on this website!
1 Researched various sundry things to make stuff possible!

I could grub for more points, but I am too tired to list them all right now. It’s 6AM and I just finished the work for today, and I have a full day tomorrow with more billable work AND the 4/4 Groundhog Day Resolution Review…So I’m posting this real quick and heading to sleep for a few hours.

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