2015 Word Counting Calendar Available!

2015 Word Counting Calendar Available!

Word Tracking Calendar Based on my Nanowrimo Calendar, the full-year version allows you to count the number of words you’re writing every month in a way that allows you to see how fast / how well you are doing.

If you’re writing a thesis or a novel, print this out on a nice color printer and stick it up somewhere to track your progress. You can buy the 12-month PDF at my Shopify store:

Did you know it takes 5 back-to-back episodes of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me for me to update the 50K word counting calendar? I didn’t either!


  1. Lynn O'Connor 10 years ago

    Very cool David. I write so much it might not be important for me –on the other hand if I just used it for my effort at writing “fiction” and a ‘how to be a psychotherapist” book (Instead of blogging for Psychology Today or academic writing) it might be really worth something.

    Have a very happy New Year –many of us continue to be major fans of yours.

  2. Sophie Allainguillaume 10 years ago

    Thanks, David. I love this calendar! Happy New Year :-)

  3. TPTfan 10 years ago

    Purchased. I was hoping you’d make a full year calendar.