Thing-a-Day 06: Hard-bound Full-size ETP Journal

Hardbound ETP

I forget who asked for this, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to make for a while: a hard bound full-size journal. After over a year of searching for a supplier for the covers, my print guy got some samples in and I believe we can finally move forward into production!

I jumped into Illustrator to make a mockup layout for notebook prototyping, and that’s today’s “thing of the day”. Details follow.

Design Details

ETP Layout

Basically, the notebook will be using a covered cardboard core, like a high-quality sketch notebook. I showed the printer the kind of notebook I wanted (the Cachet Classic Graph quadrille notebook), and so we’ll be producing something very similar.


  • 92 pages (3 months of planning)
  • Paper pages are 8.8×11 inches. The extra 0.3 inch is to account for the wire binding, which will allow one to slide 8.5×11 pages in between the pages of the notebook without sticking out.
  • Front is ETP, back is a graph paper / day grid extention
  • Double-wire bound, pebbled coat, glued inside cover
  • Same paper stock, ink, look as the regular full-size ETP. It’s been adjusted slightly.
  • Projected cost: Trying to keep retail to around US$18-$25. This is comparable to my Cachet Classic Graph 9×12, which costs around $25 a whack when I buy one in Boston. These things are EXPENSIVE to produce in small quantities.
  • Limited run of 500.

If anyone is interested in this, let me know in the comments. I could use some feedback.


I’ll probably release the graph paper back for it tomorrow as an easy thing to do; these daily project things are becoming very time consuming. I think I’ll use the weekends for light blog entries to give myself some time to get ahead on this production schedule.

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